Happy Reformation Day

499 years ago today, Martin Luther, a German theologian, nailed to the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Germany, his 95 theses as a protest to the church’s practice of indulgences. Unintentional at that time by Luther, this would launch the beginning of what is called the Protestant Reformation which resulted a division... Continue Reading →

The Church: Going Together

Today, I just finished a series at my church called, “Going Together”. It was a series on what it really means to be a part (a member) of the body of Christ, the church, and how we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, are called by God to be one body, trusting in Him for... Continue Reading →

Ma Prière 2016

Ma prière 2016 pour Église Biblique Renaissance: Que nous ne serions plus écouter les mensonges de l'ennemi qui essaie de nous convaincre pourquoi nous ne pouvons pas vivre totalement avec toute confiance dans le Seigneur. Que nous ne serions plus faire des excuses pour notre désobéissance. Que nous ne serions pas encore attendre une autre... Continue Reading →

Put It Into Practice

Someone that I consider a mentor said to me not long ago, "It is not what you know that matters, but what you practice." That is so true. We can know everything about finances (how to save, invest, manage a budget), but if we do not put into  practice what we know, it will not... Continue Reading →

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