What Are We Striving For?

I am currently re-reading a good book that I read over 16 years ago by J.C. Ryle. The title of the book is called «Holiness». It is a book that should be read in small portions, for it provokes the reader to ponder and mediate on what they have read. In the chapter entitled, «The... Continue Reading →

The Fight of Faith

«But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you» - Matthew 6:33  When one turns from their sin and places their trust and hope in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sin and for their eternal salvation, they are saying from that point on, Christ... Continue Reading →

Où pouvons-nous trouver l’intelligence

Je vous demand pardon pour mes fautes en français ce matin, mais j´ai lu quelque choses pendant ma devotion que je veux partager. «Abandonnez la naïveté et vous vivrez, avancez sur la voie de l´intelligence!...Le commencement de la sagesse, c´est la crainte de l´Éternel. La connaissance du Dieu saint, voilà en quoi consiste l´intelligence.» -... Continue Reading →

I Have Not Yet Arrived

What an incredible day! This past Sunday was a historic day in my own personal life and in my church's life. I moved to Rawdon Quebec 10 years ago this month. In case you did not know, Quebec is the French province in Canada. When I arrived, I could not speak one sentence in French.... Continue Reading →

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