Did You Know? Mariology:Facts About Mary

I have had several recent comments on this post. So, I thought I would repost it!


immaculate-conception3I live in a place that has a deep rooted Catholic heritage. As I drive down the roads in my community I see numerous statues of Mary, the mother of Jesus. They are on the sides of the road, in people’s back yards, and are a main theme of the stain glass windows of the local Catholic Church. In talking with Catholics, I have found that Mariology, the adoration, elevation, and praying to Mary is highly esteemed by their faithful parishioners and to speak against Mariology is met with firm opposition.

So, I want to simply mention some facts about Mary, hoping to do at least three things. First, to help any Catholic who prays to Mary that might read my blog to see that their belief and practice not only does not come from Scripture, but is in violation of it. Second, to help Evangelical Christians know a few…

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Le Baptême

Dans la Bible, le baptême[1] est une action naturelle d'obéissance après une personne croyait en Jésus comme Seigneur et Sauveur (Acts 2:37-41; 8:14-17; 9:18-19; 10:44-48; 16:15,30-33;19:5). Le baptême est un commandement de Jésus pour chaque croyant (Matthieu 28:18-20). Donc, si nous sommes les vraies disciples de Jésus, ce que devrait être notre réponse d’être baptiser?... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on the Public/Home/Christian School Debate

I am so grateful for the courage of Jason Engle to post this much needed post. In my humble opinion, I think this is the best article that I have ever read on this debate. May ever follower of Jesus heed all the wisdom Jason gives. Finally, a breath of fresh air when it comes to this subject. AMEN BROTHER!


know. be. do.

My good friend and partner in the gospel, Ron Young (Church planter in Quebec), posted an article on Facebook this past week by Dr. Albert Mohler.  The article is linked below, but offers an overview of the evolution of public education.

This evolution has not been a good one, and Dr. Mohler clearly offers a solemn warning to parents whose children roam the halls of public schools in the present day.  I very much appreciated Ron posting the article, and even more the brief discussion that followed.

As I continued to think through that conversation and this issue, I sat down and began typing some of my thoughts out.  I understand this can be a touchy subject for many, but I also believe that just because an issue is touchy shouldn’t mean that we as believers have to avoid it.  I hope that you will see in my thoughts below…

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Mindshifts in Evangelism (3)

I thought this to be a great read. Jason also wrote two other related posts, but this one really got me. Hope you like it and decide to check our other posts by Jason.

know. be. do.

3. Put evangelistic outlines & presentations in their rightful place. Please don’t get me wrong…I love evangelistic outlines. I actually think they are getting better with time. One that has been offered recently, The Story, is the best one ever written, in my opinion, and I have used it in large group and one-on-one settings. As a matter of fact, you will find a link to it when you click on “What is the Gospel” at the top of this page! I have memorized several evangelistic outlines and I would urge anyone to do the same. My primary reason for this is that evangelistic outlines help me to be able to articulate well the central aspects of the gospel message. Here is my disclaimer with that, though. The ability to walk someone through a complete evangelistic outline has become a quite difficult and rare occasion in our postmodern culture…

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