Building Character Through Encouragement vs. Self-Esteem

A few days ago my church finished 3 weeks of sports camps for children in our region ages 5-15. It is the single largest outreach activity that our church conducts. This year we saw God work in the lives of many people. In our first week of camp I noticed something very interesting. Our camp... Continue Reading →

No Longer Enslaved to Self-Esteem!

Raising our self-esteem. Is it the answer to our society‚Äôs problems? If we just started thinking better about ourselves, would that cure our depression, anxiety, feeling of failure and lack of love? While the world operates by its own standards, the question I want to ask and am trying to answer is: Should the church... Continue Reading →

Help! My Christianity Does Not Work!

"Is there a time when Christianity doesn't work? Yes. Christianity does not work when there is a false expectation regarding what the Christian life is all about. It doesn't work when there is little or improper teaching of Biblical precepts and standards. It does not work when there is a lack of commitment to the... Continue Reading →

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