Vacation Thoughts #1

Vacation is a great time to get away, refresh, and rethink many things. I love playing with my kids at the beach and speanding time with my wife. My kids have been looking forward to this vacation for a long time now. They have talked about it for weeks. And so far it has been... Continue Reading →

I Have Not Yet Arrived

What an incredible day! This past Sunday was a historic day in my own personal life and in my church's life. I moved to Rawdon Quebec 10 years ago this month. In case you did not know, Quebec is the French province in Canada. When I arrived, I could not speak one sentence in French.... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Do It?

At the writing of this post I am only 2 days away from finishing 3 weeks of sports camps. With the help of four different mission teams from three different states, our church conducts five different sports camps. Often people ask me, why all the hard work. Why do you do it? Why do we... Continue Reading →

Hymn About Him

I was reading a devotion this morning and this old 18th century hymn was in it. I found it very good, so I thought I would share it. Try not to read it too fast, but enjoy the passion, power, and the plea in it. The Saviour calls-let every fear Attend the heavenly Sound; Ye... Continue Reading →

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