Wells, the Unreached, and the Gospel

It all began in December 2012. Our youth group had just finished walking together through the book “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris. Now, it was time to decide. What hard thing was God calling us to? After some discussion, they decided to try to raise money to build a well in an... Continue Reading →

Four Years and Eternity

An open letter to my fellow American Christian friends: In just a few days from now one of the most talked about elections in the history of the world will be decided. For the past many months we have heard numerous interviews, debates, and opinions on who is the better candidate. Many of us have... Continue Reading →

Happy Reformation Day

499 years ago today, Martin Luther, a German theologian, nailed to the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Germany, his 95 theses as a protest to the church’s practice of indulgences. Unintentional at that time by Luther, this would launch the beginning of what is called the Protestant Reformation which resulted a division... Continue Reading →

Est-ce que Jésus a obéi à Sa mère?

(English below) En parlant avec les Catholiques concernant la position de Marie dans l’église, la majorité citait Jean 2 comme exemple pour montrer comment Marie a une position élevée dans le ciel et comment Jésus écoute les requêtes de Sa mère. Le but de mon article est de répondre à la question: Est-ce que Jean... Continue Reading →

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