A New Name

In December, our family had the privilege of travelling south to North Carolina in order to participate in the celebration our oldest daughter’s wedding. She was married just a few days before Christmas. It was a beautiful wedding. And, she has married a great young man. We are so happy for her, and him. After... Continue Reading →

Be Filled With The Spirit

In my house during the winter, we heat practically only with wood. It gives a nice dry warmth during the Canadian winter cold. From about the first of December until mid March, we almost have a continuous fire in order to keep our house at the temperature that we prefer. When I wake up each... Continue Reading →

Est-ce que Jésus a obéi à Sa mère?

(English below) En parlant avec les Catholiques concernant la position de Marie dans l’église, la majorité citait Jean 2 comme exemple pour montrer comment Marie a une position élevée dans le ciel et comment Jésus écoute les requêtes de Sa mère. Le but de mon article est de répondre à la question: Est-ce que Jean... Continue Reading →

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