Challenges the church faces: Consumer-Driven

It has been a while since I wrote anything on my blog. But, I am hoping to get back into it over the next few weeks and months. In order to help me, I thought I would begin on a small series on challenges the church faces. I love the church. Jesus loves the church.... Continue Reading →

Living In Covenant Together

Lately, time has not allowed me to write on my blog. This morning, I decided to post on something very simple: The importance of church community. Almost every believer knows what I am about to write, but many do not take it to heart. The reasons for this could be many: Not talked about much... Continue Reading →

Weddings in October

Saturdays this October will be full. This month, I will have the privilege of performing two weddings and attending another. I love weddings. Why? They picture so beautifully the relationship Jesus has with His church. Actually, this is one of the main reasons God created marriage in the first place (Ephesians 5). As I was... Continue Reading →

Thoughts From a Wedding

This past weekend I had the privilege and honor of performing a wedding for a couple. Marriage has to be one of the most beautiful pictures God has given us to show His relationship to His people. Marriage is also one of my favorite subjects to talk about. For my premarital preparation with the couple... Continue Reading →

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