Reasons Why I Am Against the Vaccine Passport

This past weekend a huge convoy of truckers and people arrived in Ottawa in order to protest against the vaccine mandate that the Canadian government has put in force on truckers. The convoy began with only a few truckers yet grew rapidly through a grassroots movement as tens of thousands (possibly more) rendezvoused in the... Continue Reading →

Trump, the NFL, and Allegiance

What are we to think of President Trumph’s statements on NFL players protesting during the national anthem? Laying aside Trump’s using of fowl language to prove his point (this is normal for Trumph), how are we to tread through all the emotions of the issue in order not to react, but respond in a clear... Continue Reading →

No Longer Enslaved to Self-Esteem!

Raising our self-esteem. Is it the answer to our society’s problems? If we just started thinking better about ourselves, would that cure our depression, anxiety, feeling of failure and lack of love? While the world operates by its own standards, the question I want to ask and am trying to answer is: Should the church... Continue Reading →

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