History In The Making: Will They Write About Us?

In generations to come, historians will write about how the COVID-19 virus affected our world. They will write about what countries were most affected, what precautions and restrictions were imposed by the quarantine, how many deaths occurred, and how it effected the economy, mental health, sports, etc. Historians will write about all this and more,... Continue Reading →

The Fight of Faith

«But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you» - Matthew 6:33  When one turns from their sin and places their trust and hope in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sin and for their eternal salvation, they are saying from that point on, Christ... Continue Reading →

Ma Prière 2016

Ma prière 2016 pour Église Biblique Renaissance: Que nous ne serions plus écouter les mensonges de l'ennemi qui essaie de nous convaincre pourquoi nous ne pouvons pas vivre totalement avec toute confiance dans le Seigneur. Que nous ne serions plus faire des excuses pour notre désobéissance. Que nous ne serions pas encore attendre une autre... Continue Reading →

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