Living Together And Unmarried: Sin or Needed Cultural Shift?

There is much to say on this topic, but I will defer most of my thoughts to the video clip. The real question for Christians is, do we uphold the clear biblical standard of sex and marriage, or do we shift to the more acceptable and secular view? How one answers this question says a lot. It shows who they worship: God, or pop culture. My answer is simple. Sex is for heterosexual married couples only. How do I come to this conclusion? This is what God has said. Now, some might be thinking God is some rigid, fun-killing, old fart who needs to catch up with the times. But, if you really look at it closely, God is loving us deeply by designing sex this way. Disease, divorce, abortions, teen pregnancy, abuse, and pornography would all astronomically decrease if we would honor sex the way God designed it. The pain, hurt, and depression that arises from the practice of sinful sex could all but almost be eliminated if we would honor sex the way God ordained it. God in His wisdom, created sex to be enjoyed between a man and a woman that have publicly, and unashamedly committed themselves to one another for life, in a covenant marriage before God and witnesses.

Let’s be honest about at least two things. First, sex has become one of the most popular idols in our world today. We can not see a TV show or movie without it. We almost can not hear a song on the radio without something vulgar being sung. I have many times turned off the radio in the car due to the lyrics. Our world is consumed by sex. We like it so much that when we hear the biblical view, most laugh, see it unreasonable, or ignore it. Many churches are doing the same. The pressure to lower the standard is real. But, if you read the Scriptures carefully, you will find that each time the people of God compromised their love for God and His word, they found themselves in deep trouble. I believe this is where many professing Christians find themselves. They have compromised and have found themselves hurt, depressed, alone, and far from God.

Second, most of us do not see living together before marriage being a big deal. But, it is. I must be honest, as a pastor, and dealing with this issue in our secular culture is not easy. In sharing the biblical standard with people, I run the risk of some not attending my church due to my view on this subject. But, I comfort myself with the thought that my view comes from the pages of Scripture. I did not make this stuff up. It has been God’s will since creation. But, I also consider one more thing. If a couple, living together and not married, but professing Christians, were to get angry with me for telling them it is not God’s will that they live together outside the context of marriage, then I would say that it would say much more about their relationship with God than anything else. If they were not willing to honor God by living in separate houses, and refraining from sexual relations until they are married, then it seems that they love their relationship together more than they love their relationship with God. So, their sinful relationship is an idol, and will only lead them away from God’s blessing, and may prove to show that their profession of belief in Jesus is actually a false one.

So, if you are a follower of Jesus, and have compromised, then repent, turn away from the sin, and embrace God’s redeeming love and enjoy once again the joy of your salvation by walking in obedience to what He has said. He designed from eternity past that following His word faithfully would bring us the most joy in life. So, if you are a follower of Jesus and living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then, repent, move out, get some good biblical counseling in a Bible believing church, and trust that the Lord will bless you for it.

But, if you are not a follower of Jesus, and see the hurt, pain, depression, and mess that has occurred in your life due to you living sinfully, then know there is hope in Jesus. If you will turn away from your sin, and turn to Him in faith, He will save you from your sin. You can be restored to a new life. A life of real and eternal hope. Find yourself a good Bible believing church that can help you follow God’s will for your life.


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  1. Wow this is clear and to the point Ron. It is about time that we make our voice heard in a loving and truthful (Eph 4 : 15) way!! Keep up the good work!!

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