Respect and Unity: Not The Same Thing

There is great confusion today when it comes to the word unity. In religious conversation, this word has become one of the main topics of discussion. Whether between two completely different religions like Christianity and Islam, or between two religions of similar background like Protestantism and Catholicism, there are many who are using and promoting... Continue Reading →

Pope declares Jesuit Pierre Favre a saint

Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic church has declared Pierre Favre, who lived from 1506 to 1546, a saint. Why am I writing about this? Why does this matter? Certainly this is not the most important thing going on right now. But with Time Magazine declaring Pope Francis " Person of the year"... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Do It?

At the writing of this post I am only 2 days away from finishing 3 weeks of sports camps. With the help of four different mission teams from three different states, our church conducts five different sports camps. Often people ask me, why all the hard work. Why do you do it? Why do we... Continue Reading →

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