Spiritual Void: Do We Want Jesus To Fill It?

This post is inspired by a comment made at the end of a television show called "Les francs-tireurs" that I had the opportunity to interview with a couple of weeks ago. If you speak French, then you can go to the following link and see the show. http://video.telequebec.tv/video/9318 Here is the question I want to... Continue Reading →

Jesus’ Resurrection: Evidence To Consider

I have not been able to blog in a while, so here is my attempt to get back into writing mode. The Christian faith is only a real option if in fact Jesus rose from the grave. Without that fact, "our preaching is empty and your faith is empty." (1 Corinthians 15:14). Actually, if Jesus... Continue Reading →

What Is A Christian?

One of my favorite professors in seminary use to say, “Fuzzy thinking does not help anyone. Be clear about what you communicate.” That is a good saying. Now, I admit, I am not always clear in what I communicate, but I want to try to answer the question, ‘what is a Christian?’ Why spend the... Continue Reading →

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