Thoughts From a Wedding

This past weekend I had the privilege and honor of performing a wedding for a couple. Marriage has to be one of the most beautiful pictures God has given us to show His relationship to His people. Marriage is also one of my favorite subjects to talk about. For my premarital preparation with the couple... Continue Reading →

Why Confront the Charismatic Movement?

This is a question that many in the evangelical church are afraid of; but it is one that should be answered. Sanctification is a work of the Holy Spirit, not through manipulative emotional hype, but through the truth of God's word (John 17:17). Jesus prayed that His church would be sanctified by the truth. Never... Continue Reading →

State of Confusion

This summer, I have had the opportunity to talk to many people about Jesus, and the hope of eternal life that they can have if they would simply trust their life in His hands and believe that His death on the cross paid for their sin, and His resurrection approved that His sacrifice was sufficient... Continue Reading →

Relationship Between Faith & Works

I got this video from a Facebook friend. It speaks to the very heart of a Sunday afternoon Bible study we had at with our church just a few weeks ago. I thought it was worth sharing. A good book that deals with this subject is, "The Gospel According To Jesus" by John MacArthur.

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