Homeschooling: Secrets Revealed

We have been homeschooling for 14 years. We are grateful for the opportunity we have been given to invest in our children at home. To be sure, my wonderful wife has done pretty much all the schooling. I teach math, and help with a few other minor things, but she is by and far the... Continue Reading →

Drifting Away Does Not Take Long

Tomorrow will be one month since I ran the Ottawa marathon. I spent 6 months training for this event. On May 26, the day of the marathon, I was in the best shape I had been in for 9 years. Now, less than a month after, I find it much harder to run 10K than... Continue Reading →

Dividing Lines

I have heard several good pastors-teachers lately talk about the issue of division within religion in general, as well as in the church. Whether for good reasons or not, I have heard many people ask the question, 'when do I know that I should leave a church?' While most of the time this is a... Continue Reading →

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