10 logical reasons why I reject the theory of evolution

I am not a scientist, but these arguments do not need a great scientific knowledge to comprehend. This theory, which is taught in our schools and universities as almost fact, has so many problems with it that it should be considered be taken out of text books. But, it remains, not because of the evidence, but because of the only other alternative: creation. Here are my top 10 reasons for rejecting this theory.

  1. No transitional fossils found (part one species, part another)
  2. It’s direct link to the evil work of Hitler and eugenics (the “purifying” of the human race)
  3. Irreducible complexity (popularized by Michael Behe and his book “Darwin’s Black Box.”
  4. It’s inability to answer, “How did life start to begin with?”
  5. No evidence of non-living matter transforming into living matter
  6. It’s inability to explain where the information code came from in the DNA
  7. It can lead to racism (promoting one race can be better than another)
  8. Fossil records speak against the theory.
  9. When an organism mutates (evolves: micro-evolution), it losses DNA information (i.e. – poodles can never be bred back to a wolf. They have lost the DNA necessary to make that happen). Evolution proclaims that DNA information must be gained.
  10. It’s “survival of the fittest” mentality opens the door wide for people to forget the weak, sick, and poor for the sake of advancing the human race, which is just a banner which really means, living for one’s own self, advancing one’s own self, even if it means walking over the needs of others.

My next post will give 10 biblical reasons why I reject the theory of evolution.


4 thoughts on “10 logical reasons why I reject the theory of evolution

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  1. “Here are my top 10 reasons for rejecting this theory.”

    Your list displays a lack of understanding of what evolutionary theory is. I imagine that, even if you understood it you’d still reject it based on your religion. But regardless, your reasons here are bad and inaccurate.

    1. What reasons do you have? The simple truth that evolution requires that non-living matter became living matter in order for evolution to occur for living organisms, and that never being witnessed (not even close) before in any labratory or natural observation, demonstrates that it takes more faith to believe evolution than it does creation, cause the evidence is simply not there. But, like you accused me of, I can assume is the same for you, that your religion (cause that is really what evolution is – a philosophy not based on facts, rather what one wants the facts to say), you will reject that an Almighty Creator made the heavens and the earth just He said. The issue is not the evidence, cause both sides are looking at the same. The issue is that I begin my worldview with God being the Creator, and neo-darwin evolutionist do not. They are both faith based. I just believe my faith makes more sense consdiering the evidence.

  2. I never herd that non-living matter turns to living organisms and is required for evolution to take place. However living trees die and become coal after some time, evidence of change.This does not deny the creation notion

    1. Origins (how it all began) has to be explained before a theory like evolution can begin to be understood. The question Darwinian Evolutionists cannot explain is how did life began in the first place. They can dodge the question and say that the theory does not have to explain it. But, in reality, every theory on life has to answer the ultimate question, how did it all begin. Creationists can answer it. Evolutionists simply cannot.

      As far as you example of the tree and coal. That is not evidence of change in an evolutionary kind of way, but an example of decomposition combined with pressure.

      Thank you for the comment.

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