The Link Between Pollution & Sexual Immorality

I know…strange title. But, there is a real link. It may not be a link you have ever thought of, but the link is there. Hope it makes you think, cause that’s the point.

The world that we live in has never been more concerned about pollution than it is right now. At least in North America, it has become a major topic, even to the point of being a major part of political platforms. In the past 20 years recycling has become a growing practice as well as something that has even been legislated as mandatory in some places. Often we hear of carpooling, using the bus and metro, wind powered electricity, buying products made of recycled materials, working from home to avoid driving, and many other initiatives focused on reducing air, land, and noise pollution.

Are these things good? Sure they are. Why? Because we are not taking very good care of the planet that God created for us to enjoy and manage (Genesis 1:28). We waste what we do not want, and simply dump it. God created this world for a reason…that we would use it for His glory. As a human race, we have abused, wrecked, and are uncaring about the future consequences of our choices when it comes to the way we pollute our environment. I’m mean, it is God’s world, and we are trashing it.

Now, I am sure that even the most stubborn atheist (even though I do not believe there is a such thing as one…another blog, another day) would not have much to argue with on my observations above. They might not like the references to God, but most would agree that pollution is a big deal. But, I want you to consider a real link. One between pollution and sexual immorality.

What is sexual immorality? It is using sex for things and in ways it was not meant and created for. As with our planet, God created sex. He created it for the same reason He created the world…for His glory. As with our planet, we, as the human race, have not been very good managers of sex. We have abused, wrecked, and are uncaring about the future consequences of our choices when it comes to the way we pollute God’s beautiful creation of sex. God created it and we are trashing it.

God created sex to be between a married heterosexual couple. Why? Because that is where it brings Him the most glory. It makes beautiful the picture between the Lord Jesus and His church (Ephesians 5:22-33). When we take God’s creation and use it for selfish purposes, we begin to destroy it. Like our world, we, as a human race, are destroying God’s creation of sex. Why do we see so much child abuse, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, one night stands, strip clubs, adultery, co-habitation, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and all other kinds of sexual immorality? Simple. We have taken sex that God made for us to enjoy in the context of heterosexual marriage, and changed it to fit our own purposes. What is the result? Similar to that of pollution…destruction. Our children no longer have one set of parents. They do not know what marriage is anymore, or why it is important. They are taught that it is OK to jump from one relationship to another as long as they are “happy” no matter how damaging it is to the other person, or children involved. They are told (directly and indirectly through music and movies) that casual sex is fun and should be the norm. I’m mean, how do you know if you want to drive a car if you do not test drive it? I am so tired of that line. I have four girls, and if one day any guy thinks they want to go for a test drive, they will meet a father who will do whatever is necessary to protect his girls from that. If crazy people will chain themselves to a tree to keep it from being cut by clear cutters, then it is about time fathers do something radical about the abuse of their children when it comes to sex. Mothers too, but I am a dad, and if a child has a father, then they should see this kind of love from their father.

So, that is the link. Pollution is the taking of what God has created (our world) and using it for selfish purposes. Sexual immorality is the taking of what God has created (sex) and using it for selfish purposes. If we have the guts to make such a huge emphasis on “going green”, and wanting to protect our kids from a polluted world, should we not also uphold the same and even greater mindset when it comes to sexual immorality?  Do we not see that it is even more destructive? What are we waiting for…one of our kids to have a common law relationship with their dog? Believe it or not, that is where we are going. We have all fallen short of protecting God’s creation of sex. But, let’s not make our mistakes be the norm for the next generation. What should we do? Repent. Turn back to God and embrace His purpose for what He has created. He created us to glorify Him, and we can only do that when we honor His reasons for giving us this planet and sex.

“Sirs, what must I do to be saved?…Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” – Acts 16:30-31


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  1. Some of the pollution of the world is quite easy to get rid of as a matter of fact. It’s as easy as trash the TV set, not having the radio in the car hard wired to the ignition, refuse to buy or read trashy material in books and magazines, tell your children the truth about halloween (provided of course that you as a parent inform yourself regarding what halloween is really all about and what an evil “holiday” it really is), tell your children the truth about Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy etc. It may make their lives a little less “fun” but at least they’ll know they don’t have liars for parents. I am one of those “mean” parents who calmly told my children what Santa Claus really is all about and cut short the “fun” of trick or treating. (In case you don’t know where does the words “trick or treat” come from I suggest that you make a thorough search on the internet and when you find out you will never let you kids out on halloween again.
    This summer I decided to buy a grave plot for my husband and myself and I went home and told my six-teen year old what a beautiful and peaceful place the cemetery is and suggested that she go take a look sometime..
    She replied that she already knew the cemetery and when I asked her how come she told me that that’s where she and her friends “hang out” on halloween. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the chair and asked her if there really wasn’t anything more fun to do on halloween than “hang out” at the cemetery. She gravely (no pun intended) informed me that there was not, in Rawdon

    1. Susanne,

      Thank you for your comment. Those are all great ideas. The hardest thing to do as a parent is being able to address those things in the heart of our children and not come across legalistic. Jesus really shows us that sexual pollution is really a heart matter. He said in Matthew 5:27-28, `You have heard that it was said, ; You shall not commit adultery`; but I say to you, that everyone who looks on a woman to lust for her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.` So, getting rid of the trash on TV, radio, books and magazines is a great thing to do, it will only protect us from outside influence. But, in dealing with our inward sinful nature, we must stay humble before God, learn His word, and ask Him to help by by the power of the Holy Spirit to not allow our minds and hearts to be filled with evil thoughts. That can not be legislated in the home, only taught, modeled, and prayed for. So, I have done most of the same things you have done with TV, radio, books, and magazines. But n order to affect my kid`s hearts, I must take another, deeper step. It`s not easy, and there is no guarantee that my kids will follow Christ. But, we pray, trust, and remain humble and repentant.

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