10 Things I Love About My Church Family

After completing my series on the church, I began to think of my own church family and began to ponder the many reasons why I love being a part of Renaissance Bible Church. So, I thought I would write them down. They are not in order. They are simply from my heart. I absolutely love my church family. Here is why:

1. They are people who love truth. They are not people who seek religion, but real life transforming truth.

2. They are people who love God’s word. They love to hear about God from His word, but more importantly, they love to hear from God by His word.

3. They are a people who love to serve. When there is a need, they are there. Even when there is not a need, they are there, willing to serve others inside and outside the church.

4. They are a people who love fellowship. What can I say, we are a hanging out church. Almost everyday I hear of people getting together for different reasons at different times to simply spend time together.

5. They are a people who have been changed by the good news of Jesus. They are not the same as they once were. God has and is changing them to walk closer with Jesus.

6. They are passionate about wanting others to hear about the good news of Jesus and believe in His name. To say it plainly, they want others to have what they already are experiencing with Jesus.

7. They are a praying people. Every two weeks we have prayer meeting, and they come! I love it when God’s people pray. It shows a right heart.

8. They are a forgiving people. Everyone sins on a regular basis. I get the privilege to worship with a group of people who know this, and are willing to forgive as they have been forgiven.

9. They want to see our church grow, prosper, and make a difference in our region. I love it when being a church matters to those other than the pastor and his family. That is biblical Christianity.

10. They are never afraid to ask questions. I love this because this shows that they want to grow in the relationship with Jesus. We see the same pattern with the disciples in the New Testament. They seemed to always ask questions.

So, those are my 10 reasons. I could say much more. For sure, not all of us are those things all the time. Actually, there might be some of us that struggle to fit in hardly any of the 10 things I mentioned. But, that is the beauty of it. It shows that we have not arrived yet, but must continue to press on toward the goal of Christ. By God’s grace, I will keep preaching God’s word, praying for us to worship, praise, obey, love, share, serve, give, pray, forgive, and fellowship more and more until the Lord calls us home or returns.

I have to say that I really honestly and truly love my church family. God has blessed me abundantly. Love you guys!


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  1. We form a great family in Jesus Christ. We share our lives together, the bad and the good, like a real family would.I hope that many are added and that we keep focusing our eyes on Christ 🙂

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