Following Jesus Requires Change

In Luke 9:57-62, Jesus encountered 3 people who either wanted to follow Him or He asked them to follow Him. For all 3 people, in order to follow Jesus, they had to change. For one, it was his ideology of what it meant to follow Jesus. For another, it was his comfort and timing in life. For the third, it was his mission and purpose.

The point? Following Jesus requires change. Regardless of what one may think of his theology, Henry Blackaby said something very true in his book Experiencing God. One of the seven realities that he came up with was that one cannot follow God and stay where they are. God calls us to change.

In order to believe in Jesus, one must change. The message of the New Testament calls people to “repent” which is just another way to say change. Peter, Andrew, James, John, and Matthew had a life change when Jesus called them to follow Him and they responded.

Often God calls us to change our habits, our schedule, our finances, our mentality, our purpose, our goals, our location, our attitude, our belief system, our worldview, our jobs, and our expectations. To not be willing to change is to not follow Jesus. In the video below, change is applied to church. But I wanted to use the video in regards to our personal lives. If we will not “repent” and change as the Lord calls us to, we will find our lives dead.

How is He calling you to change?




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