Did You Know? Mariology:Facts About Mary

I have had several recent comments on this post. So, I thought I would repost it!


immaculate-conception3I live in a place that has a deep rooted Catholic heritage. As I drive down the roads in my community I see numerous statues of Mary, the mother of Jesus. They are on the sides of the road, in people’s back yards, and are a main theme of the stain glass windows of the local Catholic Church. In talking with Catholics, I have found that Mariology, the adoration, elevation, and praying to Mary is highly esteemed by their faithful parishioners and to speak against Mariology is met with firm opposition.

So, I want to simply mention some facts about Mary, hoping to do at least three things. First, to help any Catholic who prays to Mary that might read my blog to see that their belief and practice not only does not come from Scripture, but is in violation of it. Second, to help Evangelical Christians know a few…

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