Effects of the Sexual Revolution: What did you expect?

I was in a hospital waiting room a couple of weeks ago and there on the television set was a report about the number of accusations of sexual assaults on minors in the Montreal area. In 2015, the number of reported sexual offenses against minors had increased. In the program, the journalist interviewed a sex psychologist who said that the increase in numbers was a good thing. When I first heard this, I jumped. But, then I understood what he meant. His comment was that now more and more children are feeling comfortable about reporting to the authorities when they are sexually assaulted. While that may be a good thing, the reality is, there are hundreds of children in the Montreal area, and thousands all across Canada who are being abused and assaulted sexually. This should make our spine shiver and cause us to become nausiated. It should also cause us to have holy anger. But, unfortunately for most, whose kids are not affected by these horrifying statistics, they hardly give reports like this a second thought. But I believe there is a VERY direct link between disgusting things like the increase of sexual abuse among children and the sexual revolution we are seeing in our world today.

We live in a sex-crazed world. It is not nearly the same kind of world we lived in just 30 years ago. Our music, television shows, movies, and advertisements are infiltrated with explicit and implicit references to sex. We tell jokes about it, post it on Facebook, and let our kids explore it. We cannot even walk into a mall today without being blasted with sexual images from stores trying to get us to buy their stuff. Today, one who desires to view pronography does not need pay for a magazine subscription or a particular cable station. All they need to do is visit the hundreds of free pron websites. What was considered shameful and often hidden before is now boasted about and out in the open. So, what happened?

In a nutshell, we decided to embrace a worldview that does not include a biblical worldview. We decided, rather than to live according to what God has said, we have embraced the idea that we are our own god and can live whatever morals we believe are best for us. This mind-set has radically affected how we as a society see sexually and define sexual morality. But, when we decided to throw the moral standard we have had for centuries out the window and exchange it for the idea that no moral standard should exist (which is a moral standard itself), did we not know that there would be enormous and lasting affects of this decision? Today, unlike when our society functioned more on a biblical worldview, what was called sexual immorality before is now considered normal, right, and even applauded. Fornication, adultery, homosexuality, open relationships, transgender, and transgender bathrooms. These are all fruit of the sexual revolution. As we have ditched the Bible as a society, the result has been that we are now a culture that has become numb to the bombardment of sexual immorality that we are seeing today. 

Our numbness to sexual immorality has affected all areas of our lives, and even the lives of our children. Due to our decision to embrace sexual immorality (according to biblical standards), many of our youth have become victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault because adults and children alike have decided to act out their sexual fantasies on them. And my question is simple: what did we think would happen? Did we really think that by embracing the sexual revolution that it would protect our kids? In the name of sexual freedom and sexual expression, kids are getting hurt. Another question I think about is, if this is the number of sexual abuses reported in the Montreal area in 2015, how many hundreds more are never reported? This does not even consider the number of children being kidnapped and forced into the sex-trafficking industry, which is another fruit of the sexual revolution that our popular culture applauds. 

So, what is the conclusion of this post? Well, for the Christian church, it is imperative that we stop embracing this sex-crazed revolution are start standing firm on God’s word. Rather than conforming to our society’s standard of  sexuality, we must live, love, and trust in God’s standard for sex. Until we do this, we will never influence others to embrace God’s will in this. This means living out holiness. It means speaking out when there is opportunity. It means teaching our children God’s ways and God’s will for sex, and marriage. It means standing up for biblical morals, not just in word only, but in our actions. Will you lose friends? Maybe. Will you not get the promotion you wanted due to work-related persecution? Possibility. Will honor God? Certainly. And when the day comes for judgment, it is Him we will stand before, not our society. 

One last thought for any non-Christian reading this. When you see the reality of the stats when it comes to child sex offenses increasing in places like Montreal, what did you think would happen when society throws out God’s word as its source for morality? Sexual purity? I hope not, for that would be naive at best and idiotic at worse. Do we want to protect our kids? If yes, then we must embrace the only perfect and good source for morality, God’s word. What must be thrown out of the window is the sexual revolution. It is hurting people who cannot defend themselves.


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  1. Well said!
    My God My God! My household and I are going through this right now. I must admit, it hurts like crazy. I know there’s a God of hope, that will get us through this. My daughter is 14, and has claimed a close family member has violated her. Such a long process, but we have HOPE. Thanks a bunch for posting this. It continues to show, we are not alone. Yet we fill alone at times, but post like this helps. Word of God speak! Please pour down your Grace father🙏💖
    Bless You Angel!🌷

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