Est-ce que les Chrétiens Doivent Craindre l’Éternel?

Nous ne pouvons pas répondre à cette question juste par oui ou non. Il est vrai que la Bible dit: «La crainte n'est pas dans l'amour, mais l'amour parfait bannit la crainte; car la crainte suppose un châtiment, et celui qui craint n'est pas parfait dans l'amour.» (1 Jean 4:18). Alors, si nous appliquons ce... Continue Reading →

Choosing The Greater Treasure

This is a great story of a person who made a hard choice, but the right choice: to follow Jesus. In our world where we are told money, popularity, status, and stuff are the keys to happiness, following Jesus can seem to be the last option. But, when the costs are counted and reality is... Continue Reading →

Hymn About Him

I was reading a devotion this morning and this old 18th century hymn was in it. I found it very good, so I thought I would share it. Try not to read it too fast, but enjoy the passion, power, and the plea in it. The Saviour calls-let every fear Attend the heavenly Sound; Ye... Continue Reading →

Alan Knox (from "the assembling of the church" @ ) posted a really good post for believers in Christ to consider. Alan posts a quote from another blog in showing his interest in "who we are in Christ as the church." I really liked this short read. I hope you enjoy it. See Alan's... Continue Reading →

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