Happy Reformation Day

499 years ago today, Martin Luther, a German theologian, nailed to the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Germany, his 95 theses as a protest to the church’s practice of indulgences. Unintentional at that time by Luther, this would launch the beginning of what is called the Protestant Reformation which resulted a division... Continue Reading →

Les Traditions Religieuses 

Est-ce que vous adorez Dieu ou la tradition?Lorsque j’écrivais cet article nous sommes dans la saison de Noël. Beaucoup de familles ont des traditions à Noël. Les repas familiaux, décorer l'arbre de Noël, etc. Comme je pensais à ça, je me suis rappelé ce que Jésus a dit concernant les traditions. «Pourquoi tes disciples transgressent-ils... Continue Reading →

Dividing Lines

I have heard several good pastors-teachers lately talk about the issue of division within religion in general, as well as in the church. Whether for good reasons or not, I have heard many people ask the question, 'when do I know that I should leave a church?' While most of the time this is a... Continue Reading →

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